Frequently Asked Questions
Are the Control Agents you use dangerous?

The Australian Pesticides & Veterinary Medicines Authority test all the control agents before registration. Many of the materials we use have a low schedule number and therefore pose low risk when used in accordance with label directions.
Will your Pest Management Service at My Home Harm My Children, Pets & Plants?
Definitely not. Special care is taken and we use the latest low schedule Control Agents. These products are recommended by the Australian Pest Control Association for your safety and they are the safest and best pest control products available in our marketplace today.             

We always follow safe work method procedures and we carry out a risk assessment before any work starts.
South Sydney Pest Control is trained in Occupational Health and Safety requirements. 

Children and animals must be kept off treated surfaces until the area dries. This will be approximately 30 to 60 minutes after treatment. For sensitive, old, sick or pregnant women, we recommend staying off the premises for at least 4 hours.
Our Child Suffers from Asthma is it Safe to Stay?

We recommend vacating the premises for 4 hours and ventilate the property for 2 hours on returning as an added precaution.

Is the Treatment Safe for Unborn Children?

The materials we use are approved for use in sensitive areas, such as child care centres, schools, and hospitals. Most products are low in odour, we recommend staying away from the premises for approximately 4 hours, as an added precaution.

Will I Have to Leave My Home?

In most cases it is not necessary for you to leave your home. However, we recommend the premises to be vacated until the control agent dries.
What Do I Need to Do Prior to the Pest Management Service?

We recommend that all food, clothes, toys other items be stored away prior to treatment. Furniture should also be moved away from skirting board edges to gain access prior to the Control Agent application.
Do I Have to Empty Out My Kitchen Cupboards?

No. As we use the latest control methods, it is no longer necessary to empty out cupboards.

If I Find Termites (White Ants) in My Home What Should I do?

Don`t spray them or disturb them just call us immediately for a Termite Inspection & Report to AS3660 standards. We will provide a Termite Proposal on Insurance paperwork for your peace of mind.

Do You Offer a Warranty?

Yes, of course, we stand by our work! We offer a service free period: if the pests that you select in our service agreement come back during the service period, we will also come back and fix the problem. Just follow the information sheet that we provide with our service.
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