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Sydney is the capital city of New South Wales and has the largest population of any city in Australia and Oceania. Having such a large population gives it pest and vermin problems that are found in large cities.

Additionally, Sydney has the world's largest natural harbour and being close to the water with many beaches along the Eastern Beaches and coast, means there are pests such as rats that love this kind of locale. It is not uncommon to walk along the paths of beaches at night to find a rat running across the path ahead.

A recent article in Sydney's Daily Mirror showed a picture of a giant rat that had died in the inner city suburb of Alexandria (see image on the right). Local councillor and business woman Angela Vithoulkas mentioned in March 2017 that many local business owners were concerned about the rat problem.

 In fact, the problem has gotten so great that many people are calling for a rat task force. 

If you are located in the inner city, Sydney CBD or Inner West, this can be a particular problem. South Sydney Pest Control are able to help you keep your own premises as free from these rats as possible using traps and other non chemical treatments.

Bats are another common problem throughout Sydney including in areas such as Hyde Park in the city's Central Business District (CBD).

Being such a population centre, there are many food related businesses and the rubbish and food scraps that come with this. These draw in cockroaches, ants and other bugs and pests, including native animals such as possums, and this can cause conflict with local residents.

The Sydney CBD now has a large number of people who reside permanently in the areas around China Town, Pyrmont and Darling Harbour. Therefore, we deal with full apartment buildings through our strata contracts, commercial pest control in offices, surgeries, warehouses and other industrial premises and a lot more in between.

There are always new developments being built and these require pre building inspections and treatments as well as pre purchase inspections. South Sydney Pest Control caters to all kinds of inspections for both domestic and commercial premises.

Left untreated, a pest infestation can completely destroy a home or office. Restaurants, cafes and food services have been completely closed down and bankrupted as a result of infestations of cockroaches, rats and other pests. Not only will a bad Health Department inspection report hurt your business and potentially cost you a huge fine and future restrictions, having customers see pests on your property or encounter vermin when they visit you, can destroy if they post about this publicly.

We have often had to treat and eradicate pests and vermin after home and business owners have attempted home DIY pest control chemicals. Unfortunately, this isn't always sufficient to treat a lot of problems when it comes to pests. It can be a long term cost saver to consider a long term maintenance contract with a pest control company that will work with you to keep your place safe and clear from any future outbreaks.

Sydney is a gorgeous city but it's large population and location by the harbour and ocean makes it just as popular with a wide range of pests. 

Many properties have been gutted by termites who are very clever at boring away at anything made of timber. It is impossible to see termite damage until it is almost too late. Because of this, if you have any amount of timber you need to make sure you have it checked and treated regularly.

Sydney pest control problem of large rats
Video above from July 2017, was on social network Reddit, and shows rats running through a Sydney CBD food court. This demonstrates the scale of the problem. You may not even be aware of how bad this problem can be as they often come out at night, as this video shows.

Don't panic.

You can always call South Sydney Pest Control to help you deal with any problems like this. Don't let pests and vermin destroy your business.

Call us now for a no obligation, free quote. Your safety and security is our business.
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